Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Course

Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club (LJRGC) was originally established in 1990 under the umbrella of the nationally based

“Hook-A-Kid on Golf " program. In 1994, Langston Junior branched out to become a more independent organization, and in 1997, the organization applied for and received its own non-profit determination from the IRS.

An all-volunteer organization, Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club is located at the historic Langston Golf Course in Northeast Washington, DC, one of the three metropolitan area courses owned by the National Park Service. Over 200 boys and girls participate every summer from late June through August in Langston Junior’s programs. Langston Junior’s programs involve much more than just learning the mechanics of golf; Langston’s volunteer instructors teach participants valuable life lessons through the game.

The children learn to respect themselves and others; they also learn that golf, not unlike many of life’s activities, takes discipline, determination, and organization. They learn to cultivate principles of honesty and integrity, and they come to understand the inter-relationship between excellence on the golf course and excellence throughout their daily life.

Participants are recruited primarily from the DC school system and by word of mouth. Over time, the summer camp has grown from under 100 to over 200 young people, aged 6-18. Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club provides each junior golfer with equipment, covers the cost of trips to tournaments and clinics, and offers its more senior members the opportunity to participate on the Club’s Golf Team. "Respect for Self... Respect for Others"


(202) 398-5757

Langston Golf Course, 2600 Benning Rd Washington DC United States 20002

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